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My detour to happiness.


Dr. Andrea Arlington is a
Professional Certified
Family Recovery and Relationship Coach. She is a Speaker, former reality show star and author of the forthcoming book,

A Journey of Loving Your Child into Recovery
and Healing Your Family

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Andrea's journey led her through decades of living with loved ones who suffered with addictive patterns from heroin and alcohol to sex and other substance use disorders, she also suffered with multiple forms of both addictive and co-addictive patterns herself.


When her 3rd marriage failed, she took a hard look at her life, came to understand she would never find inner peace and happiness unless she took a deep dive into her own recovery. She became educated, mentored and coached by the best of the best in the mental health, relationship, recovery and treatment world. She learned proven tools and strategies, acquired numerous certifications, in communication, complimentary masculine/feminine relationship strategies, in the recovery and treatment field and as a licensed minister. Now Andrea uses her training and experiences with it all, to create a very fulfilling career as a family recovery and relationship coach for parents, couples and families.

You don’t have to do it alone.

We cannot wait for our loved ones to hit bottom. 

In 2018, there were 67,367 lethal drug overdoses in the United States alone –  this disease is deadly!

Andrea’s Story

I lost my younger brother Ben who was an IV drug user when I was 21 and he was just 17. I am also the former wife of men who suffered from Substance- Use -Disorder and the mother to Alexis and took her close friend in to our home for years and the two of them became IV heroin addicts and are now 10 years and almost 11 years in recovery from heroin.  


I struggled for years to rescue, fix and control all of them. And instead of contributing to their recovery, I enabled and alienated them. I yelled and screamed, shamed, blamed and threatened. I was overwhelmed, operted from my own unmet emotional needs, I felt lost, ashamed and filled with fear morning, noon and night and had for my entire life.


Like so many parents and family members dealing with this deadly disease, I was crazy and ended up pushing them and everyone else in my life away when all I really wanted just like you, was to hold them close and wake them from the nightmare. 


We lost everything and it was all caught on film on the E! Entertainment reality show "Pretty Wild" as our family was slaughtered in the Media because of my daughters alleged involvement with the Bling Ring burglaries.


Back then I was clueless about addiction and co-dependency. But not anymore. Now I understand. I've learned that no one can do this alone especially not with the mindset that we've been operating with that has contributed to the dysfunction we are living with and from. Although it works for some, Al-anon didn’t work for me. Looking back I needed much deeper connection with people than I found in those rooms. I needed someone who would help me in real time and who could help me learn how to help my loved one's.


Ironically, my experiences with addiction, self medicating and co-dependance have led me to a very fulfilling career as a family recovery and relationship coach for parents, young adults and families whose loved one's are suffering from addiction and other mental health challenges and who are ready to let go of what hasn't worked up until now. I can help you.


If what you've been doing isn't working, I can offer you a new perspective. I can help you find inner peace and recovery for yourself. I can help you get your sanity and life back and become your child or other loved ones best chance at recovery. Of course there are no guarantees, but studies show that a loved one has a much better chance at recovery when one or more family members get into recovery themselves. Without a doubt, you will benefit from your own transformation.


In all of my life, nothing has been more devastating than losing my brother and then having a children addicted to heroin and not knowing how to help them get well. Perhaps like me, you have NO CLUE how to help your loved one, how to get your life back, how to find your inner peace, and breathe easy again. But you can, even if they are still using.


Despite the insanity, all of the lies, criminal activity, job loss, financial devastation and so much more, I promise you can recover and become your loved one's best chance for recovery! I see and hear it with parents and families every day and you can too! 


You are not alone. Where there is life, there is hope!

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