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My Personal Story of Loss and Resilience

I am Dr. Andrea Arlington, a certified Family Recovery and Relationship Coach, Case Manager and Invitational Interventionist.

With a decade of experience in family recovery and relationship coaching, I bring both personal insight and practical know-how to aid in healing and recovery.


Transforming Pain into Purpose

Driven by my personal experiences, I've dedicated

my life to guiding others through similar struggles.

I understand the depths of despair that addiction

brings along with generational trauma and our

childhood, unresolved wounds. In my recovery

journey, I came to know the power of support,

of having a coach who walked and crawled in my shoes, and helped by instilling hope,

building resilience, and find myself and my joy. My families story of turning trauma into triumph has been featured in a Netflix Documentary, in a Major Motion Picture and in many news outlets and television shows.


My journey to coaching is rooted in personal trials. At 21, I

faced the profound loss of my brother, Ben, to addiction, leaving

a lasting impact on me and my family.

This wasn't my only brush with addiction's harsh realities;

I also navigated through my daughter's battle with heroin

addiction. These experiences deeply acquainted me with

addiction's multifaceted challenges, affecting not just the

individual, but the entire family.

Our lowest point came when our private life, including my

daughter's involvement in the "Bling Ring" Celebrity burglaries,

was aired on "Pretty Wild," publicly magnifying our struggles

and pain. Despite this, hope remained.

Remarkably, my daughter and her friend have now been

heroin-free for over a decade, leading fulfilling lives and

caring for their children. Their story is a testament to

recovery's power. Our family's narrative is a mix of hardship

and triumph, a reminder that even in darkness, there's

always hope for healing and renewal.


2013 marked a turning point for me, marked by the end of my

11-year marriage and the birth of my granddaughter, Harper,

amidst a toxic relationship with her mother, my daughter Alexis.

That year, Alexis and her husband confronted me, leading me to

recognize that my own wounded inner child was contributing to

our struggles.


Their words propelled me to seek guidance from mentors, coaches, and therapists.

Harper's arrival ignited my resolve to break the cycle of addiction and mental health issues in our family and address the generational trauma. Recognizing myself as an "adult child," I committed to a deep exploration of addiction and co-dependency, aiming to heal not only my family but also myself.

I am now that coach for individuals and families. My approach

is rooted in empathy, education, and empowerment, aiming

to heal not just the individual but the entire family system.

Your Guide on the Journey to Recovery

As your coach, I offer more than just strategies and advice; I offer a partnership based on understanding, compassion, and shared experience. Whether you're grappling with a loved one's addiction, seeking to improve your family dynamics, or striving for personal growth, I'm here to guide you every step of the way. Together, we'll explore avenues for healing, develop effective communication skills, and foster resilience and self-care. Your journey toward recovery and harmonious family life starts with a single, brave step – a step we can take together.

Let's Embark on This Transformative Path

Join me in this transformative journey. Embrace the possibility of change, healing, and growth for you and your loved ones. Reach out to start your journey towards recovery and unlock the happiness and fulfillment that life has to offer.

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