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You don't have to
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If you're feeling overwhelmed
with life's challenges,
I've been there and I can help!


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If you are someone looking for support in improving your life and the life of those around you and are struggling to get the results you so deeply desire, thinking you've tried everything and nothing has worked, I can help. I help individuals and families get informed, educated, and make the best decisions for their mental health and wellness needs, and provide research based tools and strategies, individual ongoing support and have a team of experts I work with to provide answers to the your most pressing mental health, substance-use-disorder and relationship issues.  

My life's journey led me through decades of living with loved ones who suffered with mental health and addictive patterns and self-medicated with everything from IV heroin, alcohol, cocaine, porn and other, "use" disorders. I also suffered with depression, anxiety and multiple forms of both addictive and co-addictive patterns myself and lived a life driven by insecurity, fear and loneliness, all of which led to self-sabotaging behaviors and traumatizing outcomes.


When my 11 year marriage failed, I took a hard look at my life, came to understand I would never find inner peace and happiness unless I took a deep dive into my own mental health and emotional recovery. I got educated, mentored and coached by the best of the best in the mental health, relationship, recovery and treatment world and did exactly what they told me! I learned proven tools and strategies and they worked for me and my relationship with myself improved dramatically as well as my relationship with the people I loved. In the process, I found my life's passion which is helping other women (primarily) to create the life they deserve and desire regardless of what they' re dealing with currently or what they've experienced in their past. 


I went on to acquire numerous certifications, in communication, complimentary masculine/feminine relationship strategies, in the recovery and treatment field and became a Certified Daring Way Facilitator. For the last 9 years I've been using my training and life experience and have created a rich and fulfilling career as a family recovery and relationship coach for parents, couples and families.

If you love someone who is struggling with addiction, please don't believe the lie,

"There is nothing you can do!"

The truth is you can be your loved ones best chance for choosing recovery and here are a couple of things you can do today!

You can learn about SUD (Substance Use Disorder) and Addiction, the way it impacts the brain and body of your loved one and how the family system is impacted and impacts these conditions. You can learn what well researched and proven systems are available to help you and your loved one recover, how to create a healthy environment both internally and externally and to create a trusting emotional connection with your loved one even while they are using.

Note: The quality of your connection with your loved one is the best tool you have to help influence their choice to move toward and sustain recovery. Conversely, if the quality of your connection is severely challenged your loved one will pull away and move toward their strategy/substance of negative behavior for dealing with their emotional pain.


Work on remaining rational and not being emotional. This often requires professional support 

Relationships challenged by loving someone who suffers from SUD (Substance Use Disorder), whether parent /child, sibling, spousal or partners, only stand a chance of healthy recovery, of being fulfilling and healthy again, if you can create a trusting and deep connection.

By using Love, Leverage and Connection strategies and tools, you can become your loved ones best chance for choosing recovery and heal your own life.

- Andrea Arlington

After decades of living with loved ones who suffered with addictions and substance use disorders including heroin, marijuana, alcohol, sex and other substance use disorders, my own addictive and co-addictive patterns and failed marriages, I got educated. I was mentored and coached by the best of the best in creating epic relationships as well as the recovery and treatment world, learned proven tools and strategies, acquired numerous certifications in effective communication skills and the recovery treatment field. In every course there was one common theme we focussed on and that is CONNECTION!

Connection is the greatest tool we have to influence another's thoughts, behavior and feelings. Both in romantic relationships  and in relationships with loved ones who struggle with substance use disorder and addiction we must build toward connection and we do that through healthy communication tools and strategies. 

Today, I use my training and experiences with it all, in a most rewarding career as relationship coach and a family recovery coach for parents and families who have a loved one that suffers with addiction.

Creating rewarding relationships and teaching families to become their loved ones best chance for choosing recovery requires similar tools and strategies.. I educate, support and empower individuals using evidence based tools and strategies in conscious communication and I get great results for my clients!

Coaching with me will help you elevate your love life and/or become your loved one’s best chance for recovery through quickly gaining a sense of emotional intimacy, safety and wellbeing.  I will teach you how to use love, leverage and connection to achieve those goals, and provide you with the tools and the support you need.

If it is substance use disorder in your family please consider this, every 10 minutes there is a lethal drug overdose in the United States alone. We cannot wait for our loved ones to hit bottom - this a deadly disease!

There are actions you can and must take to overcome the challenges that substance use disorder brings to our family and our loved ones. I will be with you every step of the way so that you can get your own life back and give your loved ones a much better chance at getting into treatment and sustaining their recovery.

“The greatest influence we have to motivate our loved one to choose recovery is based on the quality of our connection with them.”

- Andrea Arlington

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