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The Science of Happiness?

This is probably no suprise to many of you women out there, but it occurred to me last night that if I knew then what I know now, my life would be dramatically different.

Having said that, however, that is probably true for each one of us. However, since I learned the "Science" of Happiness, my life has taken a dramatic turn for the better.

Mine like many women, is a story of heartbreaks and anguish. Much of which would have been avoidable had my inner compass been set right.

If I'd been consistently practicing several of the 12 habits of greatly happy people from childhood... Had they been taught/ role modeled to me as a child and consistently applied Id have shown up in the world and lived from a place of empowerment resulting from an inner sense of sustainable happiness. It has made me so happy, in fact, that I'm going to be reaching out to each one of you soon to show you how to find and reset your inner compass and learn why the Absence of Happiness is much different than simply being unhappy. But yes, there is a "Science" of Happiness and I'm glad I found it.

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