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Overcoming Early Life Trauma, Decades of Substance Use Disorder of Family Members, and Creating a Fulfilling Life - Unknown Artist
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It's not easy being a heroin addict

This is from a blog and I found it so interesting... Hope you find it so as well.

It’s Not Easy Being A Heroin Addict Posted on November 22, 2009. Filed under: addiction | Tags: abscesses, addiction, heroin

. . . but it seems to be something at which my daughter is succeeding. She’s ‘making it’ in the drug world. You have to cut yourself off from family and friends and any ‘help’ or support; you have to learn how to use needles, find veins, inject yourself; and, of course, you have to constantly be on the make for your next fix which is, most likely, always a challenge; you have to lie, cheat, steal, conceal, be ever vigilant, protect yourself from bodily harm and not trust anyone; you have to compromise your values and adopt a whole new standard of living; you become adept at scheming, scamming, and learning a whole new culture; you have to avoid going out in public in case you run in to someone you know; you have to avoid the police at all costs, for fear of being arrested; your physical health is in constant jeopardy from abscesses, infection, constipation, over-dose; you’re totally dependent on acquiring another fix in order to avoid getting sick. It’s basic survival mode, every few hours. I’m not sure I could do it. Could you?

Helplessly hoping . . .

My beautiful, 32 year old, college-educated daughter became a heroin addict. How did this happen? The purpose of this blog is to share information and support other parents as we, ourselves, recov…


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