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Overcoming Early Life Trauma, Decades of Substance Use Disorder of Family Members, and Creating a Fulfilling Life - Unknown Artist
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If there is life, there is hope

I just celebrated my 52nd birthday and am now coming out of hiding and isolating after recovering over the last four years from the pain and trauma of living with substance use disorder for decades.

I thank you Greg Hannley from the bottom of my heart for saving my daughter Alexis's life and ultimately influencing Tess's and my own recovery and happiness today!

It wasn't until two of my daughters Alexis Neiers and Tess Adler, (Although Tess is not biological daughter, in my heart she is my daughter) were in recovery from IV heroin use and my third husband who also had addictive patterns left, that I took a deep dive into my own recovery from addictive patterns 4 years ago.

I worked with multiple coaches and mentors, went through three coaching schools and turned the pain of it all into something glorious. Four years ago, I didn't feel like facing life any longer as both my family's and my own journey had been long and hard.

Today I support other moms whose kids are heroin addicts or suffer from addictive patterns themselves. I am a Family Recovery and Relationship Life Coach.

The pain we felt while in the midst of active substance disorder can heal and the hope be restored. Joy and our own recovery shine through as we focus on healing our relationship with Spirit, Ourselves and our loved ones.

The trials and tribulations of addictive patterns and substance-use disorder destroy families and individuals lives. Certainly destroyed much during the 3 marriages I've had that included active substance abuse and the 6 years of substance abuse my daughters engaged in along with multiple incarcerations and much emotional and financial devastation.

The starting point for recovery is connection to Spirit, (the God of your understanding), to ourselves through reconnecting with our values and strengths, our dreams and the practice of forgiveness of ourselves and others, and reconnecting to our loved ones as well as creating a healthy community around us.

Having a great support team around you and a sense of deep spiritual connection are essential. Those two sources of love and connection are huge assets when we are faced with life transitions and challenges of any kind but especially when it comes to recovery from the impact that addiction has on every area of our lives.

Thankfully there are People like Greg Hannley who make a difference every day. Where there is life, there is hope! Much Love and light, Andrea

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